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skin cancer

Skin cancers in the head and neck region are very common and have a significant aesthetic impact. As an otolaryngologist - head and neck surgeon, Dr Brousseau is specialized in the treatment of lesions in this region. Having treated over 3000 patients with skin cancers in the head and neck, she has developed a wide expertise and a special interest in their treatment, surgical removal and reconstruction with skin flaps, grafts and specialized dressings.

Dr Brousseau also offers consultations for the prevention of skin cancers and follow-up examinations for patients who have already suffered from this condition. 


non surgical treatment

Dr Brousseau prefers non-invasive approaches for the treatment of benign and pre-malignant skin lesions. We offer treatments with liquid nitrogen - cryotherapy and cryosurgery - as well as treatment with chemotherapeutic creams.  

chirurgie et reconstruction

When necessary, skin lesions can be removed with a minor surgery with local anesthesia in the office - only rarely do larger lesions may require general anesthesia. After our evaluation and discussion with you we establish a treatment and follow up plan to achieve the best therapeutic and aesthetic results.

prevention and follow up

Whether it is to reassure you about a lesion that worries you, to learn how best to protect your skin or to get followed because you had a previous cancer, we offer services that aim to prevent future lesions and future surgeries. 


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